Dimension 5,  2016

Dimension 5, 2016

(aw-tom-uh-tiz-uhm) -Greek prefix aut/auto, meaning “self".

Automatism in art is the process of writing, painting, drawing, or speaking automatically without conscious thought.

In the 1920’s Surrealist artists applied the theory of automatic actions into their artistic practices of writing, drawing and painting in which they adopted from Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytical techniques. However, Freud referred to these unconscious flows of thought as "free associations." He explains this idea towards the end of chapter 7.A. in his Interpretation of Dreams.

All of Diane Heron’s work is done through the process of automatism, without premeditation and/or a plan. Where in, she is in the flow of complete freedom of expression of and by the Self.